Self care/self love February

February the month we associate with LOVE. I’ve decided really make it a priority to treat myself and pamper myself this month. What does that look like for you? For me it is my nails, skincare, haircare, my favorite shows, positive music, dancing, food, etc. This is the month we take ourselves out on dates! Fall in love with being alone. Learn how to be at peace by yourself. Theres always something to do (even if it is working more on your self growth by journaling) that can positively impact you. You will become more comfortable and experience happiness in solitude. I would always get nervous to go anywhere by myself whether it was going to a store, driving somewhere or even just walking alone. Since forcing myself out of my comfort zone and getting comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable life has been much more of a thrill. I am my own best friend and I will be with myself for the rest of my life, so why not get comfortable and fall in love with the skin I’m in? Go on a walk by yourself, listen to your favorite music then when you go inside write about the experience and what you took from it. What did you gain? Going on a walk always clears my head and leaves me feeling much better than before I went out. This is a shorter month so what better time than now to do a personal experiment? Take this month to focus in on yourself and try to get as much personal time as you can. Use it productively, after awhile you’ll want more and more time alone so soak it up this month. SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE.

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