Overcoming procrastination

Do you find yourself often stressed by deadlines? Do you wait until the last minute to get things done or even completely miss deadlines? Rest assured today’s post will offer advice, tips, and motivation to get sh*t done! Let’s shift from being late to being early.

First and foremost you are going to need to shift how you think of procrastination. You should begin to see it as resistance (the ting that prevents you from getting your work done). Resistance can come in any form! A text, social media notification, and children needing your attention if you’re me. Next, take action right away. Finish the easier tasks first, this way you are already on a roll. By the time more difficult tasks present themselves you will be in your flow state already. This helps you start and build momentum.

Another brilliant idea is creating an end time as opposed to a start time. When you have a end time but you are already in your flow state it will push you to get more done and set you up for success because you will be less likely to stop your progress. A great app that I have found and have been using is called “Flora”. It tracks your progress and is a fun way to make sure you are pushing yourself by getting your work done. You can also set the tone with background music or sounds to make the experience more enjoyable. Other tips include:

  • Clearing your head first. You can do this by either journaling, meditating, getting fresh air, or anything that helps you relax and clear your head.
  • Changing your environment has proven to be effective for some people. Relocating to a coffee shop, book store, library, or outside may help get your creative juices flowing.
  • Create extra deadlines. Creating extra deadlines allows you to break the task up into smaller tasks. With smaller tasks comes less stress and more being produced.
  • Schedule something that you LOVE for after you’ve finished the task. When you treat yourself to something you love it will serve as motivation to get the task done and as a reward for getting it done.

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