Stop taking things personally

Something that we all know but sometimes can’t seem to help. Remember the only opinion that matters is YOURS, it’s your life not anyone else’s. We each have our own life to live. Some people (especially insecure people) will often time project their insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, and negativity on to you. Others tend to “attack” you (via spiritual warfare) and/or shutdown on you to avoid being hurt first or even just worse (trauma response). The saying “it’s my world, you’re just living in it” is actually true for EVERYONE, not being cocky just being aware. Always keep the realization that we are all simultaneously experiencing different realities. Each time you converse with someone or give them any time or energy you are allowing them into your world as they are allowing you into theirs. Be careful you are what you attract so look for happy, positive, and loving individual. Misery loves company and it’s infectious so protect your energy and learn your energy compared to projections onto you and other peoples emotions and energy.

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