Success is the only option when you follow the triangle of success.

If you don’t know what you want to be in life but just know that you are not where you want to be then this post is for you. I came up with a plan for success that anyone can use and apply.

  • PASSION: What is your passion? What are you passionate about? Do you currently love what you do?
    • My personal passion is to impact as many people’s lives as I can and aid them in getting the most out of their lives. Making life better one person at a time. I love blogging, creating, and inspiring/motivating others.
  • PURPOSE: What is your purpose in life? Are you serving you purpose?
    • My purpose is to help as many people as I can as long as they are willing and ready. My purpose is also to spread knowledge so that they can learn to help themselves (figuratively teaching people to fish instead of just feeding them).
  • PLAN: Do you have a plan? Where are you heading in life?
    • My plan is to create entertaining yet insightful content based on my life’s reflections. Something people will want more of.
  • ACTION: What steps can you take that will help you reach success?
    • Nothing will happen without action! You can pray, manifest, and wish on as many stars in the sky and the fact will remain the same. You have to take the steps towards your goals and dreams.

After months of reading different self help books, reflecting on my life, and thinking about people that I talk to regularly I came up with this triangle of success to help everyone reach success. Ask yourself these questions and check in with where you are in life. It will give you insight on where you currently are in life, what steps you need to take to make it to your next level, and also after repeatedly doing these and checking in with yourself you will see commonalities and see your process and struggle points. Success is the only option when you follow the triangle of success.

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