Hello and Welcome 2023!

Are you excited for 2023? Are you ready to stop the traditional yet non-effective route of setting New Year’s resolutions only to act for a month at most and achieve minimum to no results? Are you ready for a more intentional year? This post will be of the following changes that I am making as well as welcoming into my life for 2023: a new and improved strategy to achieving my goals, more self-love/disciple, and intentional living.

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The first change the I have made that I am excited about is going from annual planning and goal setting and switching to the quaterly goal setting, strategy building, and planning. This idea came from the book The 12 Week Year. I never achieved much and when I would set the New Year’s resolutions. By February I would lose sight of my goals and begin the process of procrastination until the end of the year like most. This year I decided no more! I want to begin achieving all of the times that I know that I am capable of. I broke the year into 4 quarters and began with Q1. I set one major goal that I want to achieve within the next 3 months, then I created strategy’s and actions that I would need to take in order to maximize my chance of success (my plan for success). Finally, I began scheduling time to complete those actions (which are going to be my weekly priorities) on my planner. Remember a vision without action is simply a dream.

With this new method I am now able to track my progress throughout the year, re-strategize if necessary to maximize my chances of success, and also to keep myself fully engaged and committed with shorter time frames. This new method will also help me further develop self-love/disciple as well as accountability. By thinking ahead and planning my tasks out I am holding myself accountable for completing them. According to Will Smith, self love is the same thing as having self- disciple. Having the ability to do the things that are in your best interest wether you feel like it or not. Love yourself enough to push yourself to grow. No one else will love you the way you love you.

The final thing that I welcome into my life is intentional living. I am focusing more on mindfulness and making sure that I am living with intention. One thing that I was amazed to learn last year was that wether you realize it or not there is an intention for the reasons that you do the things you do (this may be subconscious or conscious). By meditating and practicing mindfulness daily I plan to remain fully present in my life and move through it with peace and grace. By intentional living I can ensure that I am making strides towards my goals and know where I am heading in life. I am maximizing my time in order to achieve my goals even faster.

“Intention is one with cause and effect. Intention determines outcome. And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance.”

Oprah Winfrey

What do you want to welcome into you life for 2023? Create your vision for 2023 (your perfect year), then write out the steps needed to get there. This will become your plan (schedule time within your weeks to make sure you are completing the steps). Feel free to share your 2023 vision in the comment section. Let’s be accountable this year! Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! It really helps get the content to more people.

For more insightful content visit: https://staran1296330230727.wordpress.com/2022/04/22/overcoming-procrastination/

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