Life changer: Understanding Emotional Intelligence and how to use it as a source of empowerment

Are you looking for a source of empowerment through emotional intelligence? Do you find yourself misunderstood and frustrated as a result? Do people tell you that you should seek therapy or anger management? With the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my research on emotional intelligence I have been able to go through a transformation phase that has not only improved my life but also improved my relationships. Emotional intelligence has become a source of empowerment in my life. It has also lead to more effective communication.

You are more likely to experience effective communication with people who also have emotional intelligence. We are then more likely to achieve results whether it be a compromise or it goes in our favor. Using both emotional intelligence and effective communication are tried and true ways of achieving transformation in life. Keep reading if you are tired of being misunderstood and frustrated.

This section will give you the knowledge of emotional intelligence needed to begin transforming your life. First, you must become aware of your emotions. Then, begin to unravel why you are experiencing the emotion (remember this will pass, emotions are temporary). Know that your emotions are valid. When you begin to sit (meditate) with yourself, you begin to learn yourself (who you truly are).

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There are four pillars of emotional intelligence. The first of which is self- awareness (knowing your emotional state and beginning to understand the “why?”. Next, is self-regulation. When you practice self-regulating your emotions you are using self-control to effectively and appropriately express your emotions. As you might have noticed the first two pillars are pertaining to “self”. The pillars will be pertaining to other people. The next pillar is social awareness. This is being able to not only understand other people but to also empathize with them. Finally, the last pillar is relationship management. Relationship management is being able to manage and maintain relationships (have a solid understanding of the other person). With the knowledge that you have gained on the four pillars you have already begun your process of transformation.

Did you know that by having emotional intelligence, you are more likely to experience effective communication? The next section I will cover how emotional intelligence has an impact on our ability to communicate. You will also learn the difference between effective vs. noneffective communication. The first part of this blog post was working on inner transformation (taking in new information to become self aware). Now we will begin going over more information that can be applied to see outer transformations (with your relationships).

When you begin to self-regulate you will notice how having effective communication becomes much easier. Even in times of disagreement and high stress. Being able to empathize greatly increases your chances of achieving a desired result or even compromise. Imagine that you are in a heated disagreement with someone. In scenario one, you are upset and expressing it filter-free (no regards for the other persons thoughts, or emotions). We all know the nothing good ever comes from these interactions.

In scenario two, you become aware that you are getting upset, start getting to the “why?”, truly listen to the other person (as long as they remain respectful) without developing a counter argument, and remain empathetic (know that they too are expressing themselves). Which scenario are your more likely to achieve results? Scenario 2! People become guarded, tense, and defensive when communication is offensive, hurtful, and/or forceful. When this happens the chances of communicating effectively are reduced. Remember to also practice effective listening by listening to understand NOT to develop counter arguments and watch how amazed you become by the improvements in your relationships.

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