The ultimate guide on winning your day: The power of a morning routine

This year I made the conscious decision to young the 5am club for a more productive, strategic, and achievement filled year. This process all started by researching successful people and how they chose to start their days. I quickly saw that there were a few similarities in the morning routines of successful people and became eager to implement the changes into my life. In this post you will learn the benefits to a morning routine as well as tips to maximize success.

If you win the morning, you win the day.

Tim Ferris
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The first benefit to having a morning routine (waking up earlier) is the ability to set the tone for your day! When choosing to sleep in and wake up at the last minute you negate this ability. You chose to begin the day by operating on autopilot, often frantically. Waking up earlier and having a morning routine empowers all who are desiring structure to their days as well as a better work-life balance.

More great benefits to waking up earlier are the boosts in productivity as well as the reduction of stress and anxiety. I can personally attest to these benefits! Creating and implementing my personal morning routine for success I get far more done and I am overall happier. My days are now structures allowing me to live a more stoic lifestyle. Personal tip! Wake up and set the tone of gratitude and love. Do this through acts of intention. When freshening up in the morning act out of love, embrace you physical body and caring for it. Next, practice gratitude a good standard is listing three things you are grateful for. You will begin to feel lighter and more at peace because you are not focusing on what you lack. Finally, stretch or even give yoga a try. Get your blood flowing, heart rate pumping faster, and loosen those tense muscles. You are now ready to win your day! Don’t forget to dress for success.

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Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.

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