Are you truly living or merely surviving?

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Do you love the life that you are currently living? Do you wake up with a grateful, excited and loving attitude about the day ahead and you life or do you find yourself often in a state of anxiety, depression, stress, and fear? One key component to consider is the way that you are consciously and subconsciously operating through life. Are you truly living or are you merely surviving? In this post you will learn the difference between living and surviving and become more aware of which state you operate from more frequently.

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Being in a state of survival may often feel flooded with emotions such as anxiety, depression, helplessness, apathy, and fear. When you are in survival mode you are in fight or flight mode and approach situations as if it is life or death wether we are conscious of this or not. Consider a time that you may have had or witnessed someone have a panic attack. The person having the attack is in a state of fight or flight and it has gotten to the point of struggling to even breathe. Depression comes forth when you are constantly in a state of grief, sorrow, and regret about the past (things that can not be changed). And anxiety becomes more prominent when you are constantly worrying and fearful about the future (things that have not yet happened). This is a cycle that may struggle with because not many people are conscious of the fact that your thoughts manifest into the physical world. Wherever you are constantly spending your energy will be shown to you in your future. This information was very empowering to me because I realized that the present moment is merely the manifested consequence to my previous thoughts and did not affect my future but merely provided me with the tools (lessons, blessings, wisdom, etc.) needed for my next phase of life. Our survival mechanisms worked exceptionally well in keeping us alive, but in modern society living in a constant state of survival creates a hell on earth for the survivor.

When you are truly living life instead of surviving it you begin operating out of love, positivity, courage, and optimism. You gain and understanding of your emotions and they no longer control you and your life. You become more optimistic and hopeful about the future. Life becomes more vivid for you and you become engulfed in each of life’s precious moments. You begin to see positive changes in your life and speak from a place of love and light. Each day that you wake up and choose to live you are overcome with gratitude and love for the present.

I have created a 3 step system to help you go from living in survival mode to truly living your life:

Step One: Awareness. Becoming aware of the difference between living and surviving. Without this awareness nothing can change.

Step Two: Analyze. Begin analyzing your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions regularly to gain insight of which state you are currently operating from.

Step Three: Dissect. Dissect the information by getting to the root causes. This may be through writing, journaling, meditating, or even talking with friends and family. Getting to the root cause ensures that things do/don’t repeat in the future (depending on if it is something beneficial or detrimental). Knowing the “Why?” to anything makes it more personal to you often times improving the effectiveness.

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