The Keys to Resilience

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We all know someone who has demonstrated an impressive amount of resilience through their trials and tribulations. Have you wondered how some people are able to bounce back quickly from things and keep working on their goals whole others are overcome with sorrow and get discouraged often quitting their quest for success? In this post I will go over the benefits to practicing resilience as well as a new approach to facing “misfortune” or as I like to call it “redirection”.

Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience.

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The following are the keys to resilience that I have found and also exercise in my life. These tips offer a new perspective and also you will gain a sense of relief when practicing these tips:

  • Recognize that nothing is happening to you, everything is happening FOR you. Once you accept this tip you will gain a sense of relief. You will no longer take rejections to heart and will sudden start to view them as simply redirections.
  • Crying, pouting, and getting discouraged because something did not go your way is equivalent to a toddler having a tantrum because something did not go their way. An example of this is a toddler wanting ice cream for dinner and the mom says “No sweetie, you have to eat your veggies.”. The toddler will have their tantrum because all they heard was “no” instead of hearing “you have to eat your veggies”. This could have been taken as a not right now or even maybe for dessert. The fact of the matter is that the toddler was told no he/she could not have it for dinner.
  • Instead of becoming upset, angry or even discouraged find gratitude in the situation and simply re-strategize. Realize that the longer you choose self-pity, your desires become more unobtainable (self-sabotaging behavior).
  • We have all been there! Don’t be too hard on yourself for you past actions, beliefs, and thoughts. Simply learn to do better and DO better! Do better to receive better.
  • Another key tip that is not often talked about with resilience is patience! Know that when you are actively making changes resilience does pay off but it does require patience and self disciple to see it through. Do not set yourself up for failure but expecting things to happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day!
  • Have the ability to let go of disappointment, anger, unmet expectations, etc. holding on to these negative and often draining emotions are what is also holding you back.

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For a more in depth reading on resiliency and self-disciple checkout the book THE POWER OF DISCIPLE: HOW TO USE SELF CONTROL AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

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