Letter to future generations

Dear future generations,

I am writing this letter to you as guidance and also an explanation for how things have unfolded the way they have. In order to do that, I will need to revisit the previous generations and the struggles that we’ve have to overcome. Before I do that, allow me to state that this letter (alongside ALL of my work) is not intended to cause harm, fear, shame, guilt, or even pity. My intention with this letter is to enlighten you on everything that I know so that you and all who read my work gains a new perspective, love and positivity, and empowerment.

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Now it is no secret that everyone will face trials and tribulations through life (NO ONE is excluded). When doing my soul searching I have come to find that I was boring into a family with deep rooted issues that seemed to persist generation after generation. The generational traumas that I had to overcome were sexual abuse, emotional neglecting, depression, and being enslaved by the mind. Enough to cause chaos and madness to anyone! I decided to educate myself by digging deep within for unbiased answers. I refused to judge and simply take the lessons for what they were and apply it to the present create my new reality.

The first deeply rooted trauma that I had to overcome was the generational sexual abuse endured by many of the woman in my family (alongside myself). It was a trauma that occurred from one generation to the next. To overcome my childhood sexual trauma, I had to first understand that inner stand (truly believe) that my traumas were not my fault. I then worked on re-training my mind that my body is mine and for the pleasure of myself and whoever I chose to share it with. Then I had to dig deep to find forgiveness for my perpetrator. Forgiveness came easier when I changed my perspective. I began thinking about how “hurt people, hurt people” and what he could have endured as a child to inflict plain on children as an adult. I honed in on forgiveness and releasing negative emotions. I chose to no longer mentally re-live my trauma, and found empowerment!

The next generational trauma that I has to unpack was emotional neglection. I has always felt more criticized for my mistakes and failure than acknowledged and praised for my success. I felt as though my emotions were often dismissed and hardly ever validated(which I also acknowledged that I was unaware of how to effectively and appropriately express them). Since emotions and coping skills are not commonly known nor taught I did not have a healthy outlet for my emotions. Through my spiritual journey I transmitted all emotions of anger and resentment into curiosity and understanding. I began educating myself on emotions, coping skills, and psychology. Through this experience I gained self-validation and stopped seeking external validation.

One of my hardest trial to fight was the inner batter with depression. In my depressive state I was constantly experiencing hopelessness and apathy (which led to multiple suicide attempts). I was re-living my traumas over and over which caused mental suffering. Along my spiritual journey I learned about healing frequencies/sound healing. I learned about programming/priming the mind and only feeding my mind knowledge, positivity, and high vibrational things. I picked up journaling to document my healing process. I created my blog (stacysdomain.blog) to inspire and empower others by enlightening them to their inner power.

he final and most common generational trial that I had to overcome was being enslaved by the mind. I identified as a human body and this was my first spiritual realization (I was not my body). Previously I had not been self-aware. Another realization was that up until that point I would internalize my thoughts. Once I realized tat I was able to escape negative thought loops. I started listening to affirmations and not identifying with negative thoughts but observing them and analyzing their root causes. This caused a mindset change, which ultimately changed my life.

I wrote this letter with the intentions one enlightening you on everything I know. through reading this letter you now have a new perspective on how to view and deal with your traumas (empowering you not enslaving you). Remember along your journey to give yourself and others compassion. Understand and inner stand that we are all doing the best we can at any given moment.


Stacy R ~ The awakened one

For more insightful and transformative information visit: https://atomic-temporary-201328342.wpcomstaging.com/2023/01/16/are-you-tru1ly-living-or-merely-surviving/

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