Let your inner child out

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

Normally, I skip the daily writing prompts but this one I felt was written for me. Before starting my spiritual journey if you asked me this question I would have said, “Well yeah, I am not a kid anymore.”. Being on my spiritual journey and working on my healing has taught me about my inner child. Remember yourself as a child right? Well he/she is still with you whether you know it or not. When we know about our inner child we tend to cater to it more and nurture it. We gain the healing that we so desperately deserved and get to live more gracefully, happily, and child-like.

An example of how I let my inner child out would be how now I find myself getting excited for rain! I never had rain boots as a kids so I was beyond excited getting my first beautiful red pair. Me and my five year old son got to run out and play in the rain together! Splashing in puddles and just enjoying the rain. Instead of running from the rain we were playing in it and embracing it. Letting my inner child out has deepened my relationship with my kids in a way that I did not know was possible. I not only understand my children I inner stand them.

child jumping in puddle
Photo by Atahan Demir on Pexels.com

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