F.I.R.E. Poem

As I sit at my desk,

I light a candle and contemplate on what to do next.

As I stare into the flame,

I wonder, “How can something so beautiful, warm, and cozy dance so gracefully and effortlessly?”.

I begin wondering, “How can I become more like fire?”.

Moving with such beauty and grace through life.

My thoughts shift to the topic of “boundries”.

We all know that if you get close to fire it will keep you warm, but if you get too close it will burn you.

How can something so beautiful cause so much pain? Even destruction at times.

Was it because the “boundary” was crossed?

I meditate over my life and quickly find that while experiencing passion we too are like flames, but of conscious light flowing effortlessly.

Fearless. Inspired. Resilient. Eccentric.

Free Christmas candle image

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