F.I.R.E. Poem

As I sit at my desk,

I light a candle and contemplate on what to do next.

As I stare into the flame,

I wonder, “How can something so beautiful, warm, and cozy dance so gracefully and effortlessly?”.

I begin wondering, “How can I become more like fire?”.

Moving with such beauty and grace through life.

My thoughts shift to the topic of “boundries”.

We all know that if you get close to fire it will keep you warm, but if you get too close it will burn you.

How can something so beautiful cause so much pain? Even destruction at times.

Was it because the “boundary” was crossed?

I meditate over my life and quickly find that while experiencing passion we too are like flames, but of conscious light flowing effortlessly.

Fearless. Inspired. Resilient. Eccentric.

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Let your inner child out

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

Normally, I skip the daily writing prompts but this one I felt was written for me. Before starting my spiritual journey if you asked me this question I would have said, “Well yeah, I am not a kid anymore.”. Being on my spiritual journey and working on my healing has taught me about my inner child. Remember yourself as a child right? Well he/she is still with you whether you know it or not. When we know about our inner child we tend to cater to it more and nurture it. We gain the healing that we so desperately deserved and get to live more gracefully, happily, and child-like.

An example of how I let my inner child out would be how now I find myself getting excited for rain! I never had rain boots as a kids so I was beyond excited getting my first beautiful red pair. Me and my five year old son got to run out and play in the rain together! Splashing in puddles and just enjoying the rain. Instead of running from the rain we were playing in it and embracing it. Letting my inner child out has deepened my relationship with my kids in a way that I did not know was possible. I not only understand my children I inner stand them.

child jumping in puddle
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Letter to future generations

pile of letters in envelopes

Dear future generations,

I am writing this letter to you as guidance and also an explanation for how things have unfolded the way they have. In order to do that, I will need to revisit the previous generations and the struggles that we’ve have to overcome. Before I do that, allow me to state that this letter (alongside ALL of my work) is not intended to cause harm, fear, shame, guilt, or even pity. My intention with this letter is to enlighten you on everything that I know so that you and all who read my work gains a new perspective, love and positivity, and empowerment.

a person making a handwritten letter
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Now it is no secret that everyone will face trials and tribulations through life (NO ONE is excluded). When doing my soul searching I have come to find that I was boring into a family with deep rooted issues that seemed to persist generation after generation. The generational traumas that I had to overcome were sexual abuse, emotional neglecting, depression, and being enslaved by the mind. Enough to cause chaos and madness to anyone! I decided to educate myself by digging deep within for unbiased answers. I refused to judge and simply take the lessons for what they were and apply it to the present create my new reality.

The first deeply rooted trauma that I had to overcome was the generational sexual abuse endured by many of the woman in my family (alongside myself). It was a trauma that occurred from one generation to the next. To overcome my childhood sexual trauma, I had to first understand that inner stand (truly believe) that my traumas were not my fault. I then worked on re-training my mind that my body is mine and for the pleasure of myself and whoever I chose to share it with. Then I had to dig deep to find forgiveness for my perpetrator. Forgiveness came easier when I changed my perspective. I began thinking about how “hurt people, hurt people” and what he could have endured as a child to inflict plain on children as an adult. I honed in on forgiveness and releasing negative emotions. I chose to no longer mentally re-live my trauma, and found empowerment!

The next generational trauma that I has to unpack was emotional neglection. I has always felt more criticized for my mistakes and failure than acknowledged and praised for my success. I felt as though my emotions were often dismissed and hardly ever validated(which I also acknowledged that I was unaware of how to effectively and appropriately express them). Since emotions and coping skills are not commonly known nor taught I did not have a healthy outlet for my emotions. Through my spiritual journey I transmitted all emotions of anger and resentment into curiosity and understanding. I began educating myself on emotions, coping skills, and psychology. Through this experience I gained self-validation and stopped seeking external validation.

One of my hardest trial to fight was the inner batter with depression. In my depressive state I was constantly experiencing hopelessness and apathy (which led to multiple suicide attempts). I was re-living my traumas over and over which caused mental suffering. Along my spiritual journey I learned about healing frequencies/sound healing. I learned about programming/priming the mind and only feeding my mind knowledge, positivity, and high vibrational things. I picked up journaling to document my healing process. I created my blog (stacysdomain.blog) to inspire and empower others by enlightening them to their inner power.

he final and most common generational trial that I had to overcome was being enslaved by the mind. I identified as a human body and this was my first spiritual realization (I was not my body). Previously I had not been self-aware. Another realization was that up until that point I would internalize my thoughts. Once I realized tat I was able to escape negative thought loops. I started listening to affirmations and not identifying with negative thoughts but observing them and analyzing their root causes. This caused a mindset change, which ultimately changed my life.

I wrote this letter with the intentions one enlightening you on everything I know. through reading this letter you now have a new perspective on how to view and deal with your traumas (empowering you not enslaving you). Remember along your journey to give yourself and others compassion. Understand and inner stand that we are all doing the best we can at any given moment.


Stacy R ~ The awakened one

For more insightful and transformative information visit: https://atomic-temporary-201328342.wpcomstaging.com/2023/01/16/are-you-tru1ly-living-or-merely-surviving/

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The Keys to Resilience

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We all know someone who has demonstrated an impressive amount of resilience through their trials and tribulations. Have you wondered how some people are able to bounce back quickly from things and keep working on their goals whole others are overcome with sorrow and get discouraged often quitting their quest for success? In this post I will go over the benefits to practicing resilience as well as a new approach to facing “misfortune” or as I like to call it “redirection”.

Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience.

Michelle Obama
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The following are the keys to resilience that I have found and also exercise in my life. These tips offer a new perspective and also you will gain a sense of relief when practicing these tips:

  • Recognize that nothing is happening to you, everything is happening FOR you. Once you accept this tip you will gain a sense of relief. You will no longer take rejections to heart and will sudden start to view them as simply redirections.
  • Crying, pouting, and getting discouraged because something did not go your way is equivalent to a toddler having a tantrum because something did not go their way. An example of this is a toddler wanting ice cream for dinner and the mom says “No sweetie, you have to eat your veggies.”. The toddler will have their tantrum because all they heard was “no” instead of hearing “you have to eat your veggies”. This could have been taken as a not right now or even maybe for dessert. The fact of the matter is that the toddler was told no he/she could not have it for dinner.
  • Instead of becoming upset, angry or even discouraged find gratitude in the situation and simply re-strategize. Realize that the longer you choose self-pity, your desires become more unobtainable (self-sabotaging behavior).
  • We have all been there! Don’t be too hard on yourself for you past actions, beliefs, and thoughts. Simply learn to do better and DO better! Do better to receive better.
  • Another key tip that is not often talked about with resilience is patience! Know that when you are actively making changes resilience does pay off but it does require patience and self disciple to see it through. Do not set yourself up for failure but expecting things to happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day!
  • Have the ability to let go of disappointment, anger, unmet expectations, etc. holding on to these negative and often draining emotions are what is also holding you back.

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For a more in depth reading on resiliency and self-disciple checkout the book THE POWER OF DISCIPLE: HOW TO USE SELF CONTROL AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

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Change: The Unavoidable Happening

Disclaimer: Many or all of the products featured are from partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about, where and how they appear on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Change is something that most people typically feel strongly about. Whether you are routine driven and dislike or even hate any form of change. Or a go with the flow type of person who loves change and embrace it. Change is something that has been happening sub the creation of our universe making it an unavoidable happening. I was once someone who hated change because I was far too comforted by familiarity despite the fact that I was unhappy with my life. Once I began to see change as an opportunity rather than a dreaded upcoming my life begun to change along with my perspective. In this post you will come to terms with change and begin accepting it into your life or at the very least you will gain a new perspective on change as a whole.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

planet earth
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The sooner you come to terms with change and stop resisting it you begin releasing stress, anxiety, depression and a plethora of other emotions. You then learn to ride the waved of change and expect future change. Now, you are actively living life instead of resisting it. What is a world, life or even universe without change? Remember, life is far closer to a movie than it is a picture. When resisting change you are attempting to force a snapshot of life to remain present and consistent. Riding the waves of change while taking inspired action towards a desired outcomes maximizes the chances of it happening. Change is also a tool that can be used whether for comfort (if you are not happy with your current situation rest assured that this too shall pass!), or whether it is used to maximize on future outcomes through your current daily actions and habits.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw
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Are you truly living or merely surviving?

Disclaimer: Many or all of the products featured are from partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about, where and how they may appear on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations! Our opinions are our own.

Do you love the life that you are currently living? Do you wake up with a grateful, excited and loving attitude about the day ahead and you life or do you find yourself often in a state of anxiety, depression, stress, and fear? One key component to consider is the way that you are consciously and subconsciously operating through life. Are you truly living or are you merely surviving? In this post you will learn the difference between living and surviving and become more aware of which state you operate from more frequently.

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Being in a state of survival may often feel flooded with emotions such as anxiety, depression, helplessness, apathy, and fear. When you are in survival mode you are in fight or flight mode and approach situations as if it is life or death wether we are conscious of this or not. Consider a time that you may have had or witnessed someone have a panic attack. The person having the attack is in a state of fight or flight and it has gotten to the point of struggling to even breathe. Depression comes forth when you are constantly in a state of grief, sorrow, and regret about the past (things that can not be changed). And anxiety becomes more prominent when you are constantly worrying and fearful about the future (things that have not yet happened). This is a cycle that may struggle with because not many people are conscious of the fact that your thoughts manifest into the physical world. Wherever you are constantly spending your energy will be shown to you in your future. This information was very empowering to me because I realized that the present moment is merely the manifested consequence to my previous thoughts and did not affect my future but merely provided me with the tools (lessons, blessings, wisdom, etc.) needed for my next phase of life. Our survival mechanisms worked exceptionally well in keeping us alive, but in modern society living in a constant state of survival creates a hell on earth for the survivor.

When you are truly living life instead of surviving it you begin operating out of love, positivity, courage, and optimism. You gain and understanding of your emotions and they no longer control you and your life. You become more optimistic and hopeful about the future. Life becomes more vivid for you and you become engulfed in each of life’s precious moments. You begin to see positive changes in your life and speak from a place of love and light. Each day that you wake up and choose to live you are overcome with gratitude and love for the present.

I have created a 3 step system to help you go from living in survival mode to truly living your life:

Step One: Awareness. Becoming aware of the difference between living and surviving. Without this awareness nothing can change.

Step Two: Analyze. Begin analyzing your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions regularly to gain insight of which state you are currently operating from.

Step Three: Dissect. Dissect the information by getting to the root causes. This may be through writing, journaling, meditating, or even talking with friends and family. Getting to the root cause ensures that things do/don’t repeat in the future (depending on if it is something beneficial or detrimental). Knowing the “Why?” to anything makes it more personal to you often times improving the effectiveness.

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For a more in depth reading on how to free yourself through spiritual enlightenment please check out this HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED novel THE UNTEETHERED SOUL by Michael Singer.

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How to: Become the Main character in your life!

Are you ready to become the main character in your life? Are you tired of feeling stuck on the sidelines in your own life? In this post, you will learn how to become your main character and the benefits including a more fulfilling, purposeful, and exciting life.

You must learn to be three people at once: writer, character, and reader.

Nancy Dress
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Now I understand that you may be wondering, “How did I get sidelined/benched in my own life?” and “How do I become the main character in my life?”. First, I want you to think back to being a kid. Remember all of the goals and dreams that we were sure that would accomplished? Remember how before technology our days were filled with learning, exploring, and dreaming. Technology is both the best and worst thing that has come about (depending on how you use it). Today, most of us wake up and the first thing we do is grab our phone to check emails, social media accounts, texts, etc. Few realized that by doing this we subconsciously place ourselves into the lives of others instead of living in our own. This opens the door for envy and jealousy, often leaving us feeling incompetent in our lives (beginning a vicious cycle).

I have created five steps that you can take to become the main character in your life. Step one, stop worrying about other people’s lives more than your own. Come to terms with the fact that sometimes you have to be selfish in order to be selfless (you can’t pour from an empty cup). Step two, begin self-love routines (do what makes you feel good, happy and loved). Step three, start visualizing your dream life (let your inner child guide you). Step four, create strategies to achieve your dream life. Step five, start acting on your plan daily! Remember, a vision without action is just a dream.

Implement these five steps for a more fulfilling, purposeful, and exciting life. Comment below your visions, thoughts, and experiences with becoming the main character in your life. Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE!

For more insightful content visit: https://staran1296330230727.wordpress.com/2022/02/01/self-care-self-love-february/

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The ultimate guide on winning your day: The power of a morning routine

This year I made the conscious decision to young the 5am club for a more productive, strategic, and achievement filled year. This process all started by researching successful people and how they chose to start their days. I quickly saw that there were a few similarities in the morning routines of successful people and became eager to implement the changes into my life. In this post you will learn the benefits to a morning routine as well as tips to maximize success.

If you win the morning, you win the day.

Tim Ferris
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The first benefit to having a morning routine (waking up earlier) is the ability to set the tone for your day! When choosing to sleep in and wake up at the last minute you negate this ability. You chose to begin the day by operating on autopilot, often frantically. Waking up earlier and having a morning routine empowers all who are desiring structure to their days as well as a better work-life balance.

More great benefits to waking up earlier are the boosts in productivity as well as the reduction of stress and anxiety. I can personally attest to these benefits! Creating and implementing my personal morning routine for success I get far more done and I am overall happier. My days are now structures allowing me to live a more stoic lifestyle. Personal tip! Wake up and set the tone of gratitude and love. Do this through acts of intention. When freshening up in the morning act out of love, embrace you physical body and caring for it. Next, practice gratitude a good standard is listing three things you are grateful for. You will begin to feel lighter and more at peace because you are not focusing on what you lack. Finally, stretch or even give yoga a try. Get your blood flowing, heart rate pumping faster, and loosen those tense muscles. You are now ready to win your day! Don’t forget to dress for success.

Begin your journey to success by creating your morning routine with intention. Comment your morning routine below! LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE (it’s FREE!). For more insightful content visit: https://staran1296330230727.wordpress.com/january-2022-life-check-points/

Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.

Daniel Handler
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Life changer: Understanding Emotional Intelligence and how to use it as a source of empowerment

Are you looking for a source of empowerment through emotional intelligence? Do you find yourself misunderstood and frustrated as a result? Do people tell you that you should seek therapy or anger management? With the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my research on emotional intelligence I have been able to go through a transformation phase that has not only improved my life but also improved my relationships. Emotional intelligence has become a source of empowerment in my life. It has also lead to more effective communication.

You are more likely to experience effective communication with people who also have emotional intelligence. We are then more likely to achieve results whether it be a compromise or it goes in our favor. Using both emotional intelligence and effective communication are tried and true ways of achieving transformation in life. Keep reading if you are tired of being misunderstood and frustrated.

This section will give you the knowledge of emotional intelligence needed to begin transforming your life. First, you must become aware of your emotions. Then, begin to unravel why you are experiencing the emotion (remember this will pass, emotions are temporary). Know that your emotions are valid. When you begin to sit (meditate) with yourself, you begin to learn yourself (who you truly are).

handwritten words on a blue surface

There are four pillars of emotional intelligence. The first of which is self- awareness (knowing your emotional state and beginning to understand the “why?”. Next, is self-regulation. When you practice self-regulating your emotions you are using self-control to effectively and appropriately express your emotions. As you might have noticed the first two pillars are pertaining to “self”. The pillars will be pertaining to other people. The next pillar is social awareness. This is being able to not only understand other people but to also empathize with them. Finally, the last pillar is relationship management. Relationship management is being able to manage and maintain relationships (have a solid understanding of the other person). With the knowledge that you have gained on the four pillars you have already begun your process of transformation.

Did you know that by having emotional intelligence, you are more likely to experience effective communication? The next section I will cover how emotional intelligence has an impact on our ability to communicate. You will also learn the difference between effective vs. noneffective communication. The first part of this blog post was working on inner transformation (taking in new information to become self aware). Now we will begin going over more information that can be applied to see outer transformations (with your relationships).

When you begin to self-regulate you will notice how having effective communication becomes much easier. Even in times of disagreement and high stress. Being able to empathize greatly increases your chances of achieving a desired result or even compromise. Imagine that you are in a heated disagreement with someone. In scenario one, you are upset and expressing it filter-free (no regards for the other persons thoughts, or emotions). We all know the nothing good ever comes from these interactions.

In scenario two, you become aware that you are getting upset, start getting to the “why?”, truly listen to the other person (as long as they remain respectful) without developing a counter argument, and remain empathetic (know that they too are expressing themselves). Which scenario are your more likely to achieve results? Scenario 2! People become guarded, tense, and defensive when communication is offensive, hurtful, and/or forceful. When this happens the chances of communicating effectively are reduced. Remember to also practice effective listening by listening to understand NOT to develop counter arguments and watch how amazed you become by the improvements in your relationships.

smiling woman eating healthy

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Hello and Welcome 2023!

Are you excited for 2023? Are you ready to stop the traditional yet non-effective route of setting New Year’s resolutions only to act for a month at most and achieve minimum to no results? Are you ready for a more intentional year? This post will be of the following changes that I am making as well as welcoming into my life for 2023: a new and improved strategy to achieving my goals, more self-love/disciple, and intentional living.

man with fireworks
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The first change the I have made that I am excited about is going from annual planning and goal setting and switching to the quaterly goal setting, strategy building, and planning. This idea came from the book The 12 Week Year. I never achieved much and when I would set the New Year’s resolutions. By February I would lose sight of my goals and begin the process of procrastination until the end of the year like most. This year I decided no more! I want to begin achieving all of the times that I know that I am capable of. I broke the year into 4 quarters and began with Q1. I set one major goal that I want to achieve within the next 3 months, then I created strategy’s and actions that I would need to take in order to maximize my chance of success (my plan for success). Finally, I began scheduling time to complete those actions (which are going to be my weekly priorities) on my planner. Remember a vision without action is simply a dream.

With this new method I am now able to track my progress throughout the year, re-strategize if necessary to maximize my chances of success, and also to keep myself fully engaged and committed with shorter time frames. This new method will also help me further develop self-love/disciple as well as accountability. By thinking ahead and planning my tasks out I am holding myself accountable for completing them. According to Will Smith, self love is the same thing as having self- disciple. Having the ability to do the things that are in your best interest wether you feel like it or not. Love yourself enough to push yourself to grow. No one else will love you the way you love you.

The final thing that I welcome into my life is intentional living. I am focusing more on mindfulness and making sure that I am living with intention. One thing that I was amazed to learn last year was that wether you realize it or not there is an intention for the reasons that you do the things you do (this may be subconscious or conscious). By meditating and practicing mindfulness daily I plan to remain fully present in my life and move through it with peace and grace. By intentional living I can ensure that I am making strides towards my goals and know where I am heading in life. I am maximizing my time in order to achieve my goals even faster.

“Intention is one with cause and effect. Intention determines outcome. And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance.”

Oprah Winfrey

What do you want to welcome into you life for 2023? Create your vision for 2023 (your perfect year), then write out the steps needed to get there. This will become your plan (schedule time within your weeks to make sure you are completing the steps). Feel free to share your 2023 vision in the comment section. Let’s be accountable this year! Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! It really helps get the content to more people.

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