The Ultimate Guide to Soul Growth

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to activate soul growth/spiritual transformation? It may actually be easier than you thought! According to John Gray Ph. D “Each day you are faced with opportunities to help others, to forgive them, to have compassion for them, and to be tolerant of the. Do you seize these opportunities or do you let them slip by?” (Love Vitamins for your soul). He also states that there are a list of attributes to soul growth: unconditional love, forgiveness, faith, courage, patience, compassion, generosity, and wisdom. Are you utilizing the everyday opportunities to display the attributes of an evolving soul?

Unconditional love is loving someone through the good and the bad times, the highs and the lows, no matter what. An example of reciprocal unconditional love may be calling and/or visiting someone you love deeply and really expressing how much you love love them and how their love in return impacts you. By doing this, you open yourself up and begin building courage.

The next attribute is forgiveness. True forgiveness is accepting the past and forgiving (releasing and not holding on resentment in your heart). I say true forgiveness because when you truly forgive, there is no longer a reason past occurrences should keep resurfacing during arguments or times when you are upset. Practicing forgiveness you gain emotional freedom. Holding grudges/anger takes your precious energy that can be focused elsewhere. By practicing forgiveness you reclaim your power and energy. Know that it is often our egos that stand in the way of true forgiveness.

The third attribute listed for soul growth is faith. Faith is surrendering control and having confidence in someone or something. An everyday example of this is, having faith that you will achieve your goals. By working towards your goals and putting in all your efforts and energy you are not only ensuring success but also achieving it faster. An important soul/spiritual gain you receive for having faith is strength. You are stronger having something that you believe in (a reason to keep pushing/motivation).

My challenge to you is to begin actively seeking and acting on the daily opportunities that present themselves to you. Also, track how you felt before and after the experience. I kindly ask that you like, comment, and subscribe (it’s FREE, and you receive notifications on new postings). Also, share to spread love, positivity, and to begin transforming our world one person at a time.


Citation: Gray, John. “LOVE VITAMINS FOR YOUR SOUL.” Handbook for the soul, Edited by Richard Carlson, Page 54 – 60. Published in Canada: Little, Brown & Company (Canada) Limited, 1995.

Turn your stress into your strength

Everyone has met someone who they have admired for their strength through situations. But have you ever wondered where their strength came from? All of the strongest people have something in common. They all know they same piece of information, they know where to find an abundance of strength. The fountain of strength. Their strength however.

Everyone is fueled by different things. I am fueled by my children, the future, and all of the possibilities that are out there. You may be fueled by family, friends, or even pets. Everyone has something that gives them joy. When you are stressed out and are swamped with emotions, think about the things that bring you joy. Think about the good times you have had. Think about all of the laughs and good feelings. Then remember that nothing lasts forever. Whatever state you are in, will be over. The bad times teach us lessons. Find the lessons buried in the tough times. When the good times come back around you will find yourself enjoying it even more. Know that nothing lasts forever. During the good moments really slow down and take them in.

I find myself walking slower outside. I take deeper breaths and really daze into the color of the leaves outside. Minnesota has some of the most beautiful scenery in the fall. The leaves all change colors rapidly around you. The air is cool, the perfect temperature. I watch the squirrels run around and scavenge for food. I am soaking up the beautiful autumn weather.

What is something that gives you strength? If you are going through a tough time, look for the buried lessons. Let’s take a second for gratitude, What are your grateful for?

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Understanding your lower self

As we already know and previously talked about with the the law of polarity, everything has two poles. If there is love there is hate, if there is good there is bad, etc. So it would only make sense that since we have a higher self, we have a lower self also. Once I heard of the lower self I began to research into what that means exactly and came to find that ultimately, it is the person that I was before my journey! I then took the lesson that you are what you believe you are and applied it, then realized that it also impacts your reality and the life you are living. If you are constantly operating in the state of your lower self you will keep going through lessons to teach you to grow, it is when you have learned and know the difference and can move with gratitude that you receive blessings in expected and unexpected ways. Knowing the difference is the first step in your spiritual growth journey. Once you are aware, it is then your responsibility to constantly hold yourself accountable. No longer can you operate in a state of ignorance and expect no karma.

Karma is not as bad as people make it out to be. Without karma some of our most valuable lessons could not have been learned. Karma not only pushes you to grow by encouraging you through providing blessings and good karma, it also holds you accountable and teaches you through bad karma. You are tested in many ways, which version of yourself are you operating from?

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Lessons learned through achieving success

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One mistake I learned from was having ideas but not writing them down. I would feel stagnant in life and often desired more but did not understand how to even begin to set myself up for success. One thing that I always seemed to be good at was having a planner system. I achieved success early with that skill through High school and my time in college. On New Years of 2022, I began using the planner gifted to me by my mother. My first goal for myself was learning how to create a blog. I switched to getting a planner and journal to track my process and progress throughout my journey through life, motherhood, and living with depression. I started setting goals for myself and writing them down on a planner and using a check for complete and “X” if incomplete system and I was able to track my growth. This pushed my and the progress that I was seeing from myself became all of the motivation I needed to keep going.

I also was able to set higher goals for myself and excel at those! I became my own motivator. I realized that when you write down your goals, and track the progress you are able to go back and built the idea and that is how you are planting the seeds to your future success. You have the bring those ideas to life and the first step in that process is bringing it from your mind into the physically world by writing it down. We can not rely on remembrance be act right away and take initiative. Get serious about your ideas! If you are not serious and do not have faith in your idea how will you achieve success? You are what you believe you are.

Another benefit was I was able to schedule things out! I love waking up and already having my goals for the day planned and knowing that I can always edit and revise it and change trajectory. I am always aiming for success but ultimately being productive. I loved the freedom of being able to move my tasks around but making progress by getting it crossed out before the week is out.

Dear Earth Angel,

How do you even begin to write a letter to an angel that was incarnated here on earth? I always knew that the world had good people just like it has bad people. This earth angel in particular, I was blessed enough to be able to give my daughter her name. Has anyone ever been so kind to you that all you could do was cry? Not tears of sadness of course but tears of gratitude. 

This angel’s name is Laura. Have you ever met someone so sweet and loving that if anyone said a single thing about them you get into defensive mode? That’s me with Laura. This beautiful woman lives her life making sure to spread love and positivity to all. Simply being in her presences gives you a sense of peace that everything will be okay no matter the circumstances. The stress always seems to melt away being in her presence. 

This is a letter to say thank you for everything that you do and most importantly to thank you for being you. The world needs more people like you and god blessed us by placing one of his precious angels on earth.

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Normally we tend to get sad about the summer ending so soon (especially If you live in MINNESOTA!), but this year I look at the leaves on the tips of the trees as a reminder to soak up the rest of this season. Instead of instantly allowing anxiety about the winter and the sudden wave of depression to take over me I embrace the change. I look at winter now as an opportunity to further practice everything I have learned along the way. Sometimes cool, crisp air is just what you need. The summer of 2022 has been a great summer and I look forward to what fall and winter have in store for me.

When talking to most people about the weather, they skip straight from summer to winter. I admit it is the most beautiful season in my opinion. There is a beauty about knowing that the winter is coming, and that is watching the transition happen all around everyday. The spring we see the buds on the trees slowly mature and the flowers blooming. The summer we get to soak up the beautiful blue skies and sunshine. What do you see each season change? Do you have a preference?

This summer was a big one for my family. My son turned five and is starting school and my daughter turned one. This summer has been soaking up as much family time as possible and making memories along the way. I have had a few major breakthroughs this summer that I am excited to share with our community. What are some of your highlights to your summer? What are you looking forward to ending the year? LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURS(GOOD AND BAD)?

My summer highlights:

  • Being about to take my son to see WWE live!!!! I got to live out part of my childhood.
  • Early morning drives seeing how beautiful the sky is just as the sun comes up with my kids during drop offs to daycare and camp.
  • The movie nights with my family.
  • I am actively Learning about the stock market.
  • Meeting new people that I really connected with.
  • Going swimming with family.


Success is the only option when you follow the triangle of success.

If you don’t know what you want to be in life but just know that you are not where you want to be then this post is for you. I came up with a plan for success that anyone can use and apply.

  • PASSION: What is your passion? What are you passionate about? Do you currently love what you do?
    • My personal passion is to impact as many people’s lives as I can and aid them in getting the most out of their lives. Making life better one person at a time. I love blogging, creating, and inspiring/motivating others.
  • PURPOSE: What is your purpose in life? Are you serving you purpose?
    • My purpose is to help as many people as I can as long as they are willing and ready. My purpose is also to spread knowledge so that they can learn to help themselves (figuratively teaching people to fish instead of just feeding them).
  • PLAN: Do you have a plan? Where are you heading in life?
    • My plan is to create entertaining yet insightful content based on my life’s reflections. Something people will want more of.
  • ACTION: What steps can you take that will help you reach success?
    • Nothing will happen without action! You can pray, manifest, and wish on as many stars in the sky and the fact will remain the same. You have to take the steps towards your goals and dreams.

After months of reading different self help books, reflecting on my life, and thinking about people that I talk to regularly I came up with this triangle of success to help everyone reach success. Ask yourself these questions and check in with where you are in life. It will give you insight on where you currently are in life, what steps you need to take to make it to your next level, and also after repeatedly doing these and checking in with yourself you will see commonalities and see your process and struggle points. Success is the only option when you follow the triangle of success.

Lessons learned in June

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  • If you’re not happy in life, look at the decisions you make daily. Those daily decisions ultimately shape your daily reality.
  • Once you begin to make changes within yourself, the whole world will seemingly follow suit and change.
  • Do more things you love. If you have something not so fun to do (chores, errands, etc) add something you love or reward yourself after.
  • When you live life fast, you don’t get to enjoy the benefit of life. Living too fast we tend to forget that each moment is precious.
  • Pupils are like black holes, portals to the soul that takes us beyond the physical.
  • Learn who to share your energy with and who not to share it with.
  • Sometimes those big and scary decisions are the ones that change your life for the better.
  • No one will take care of you and love you the way you do!
  • Try to keep a positive attitude, even when things get hard. Try to always find the light in the darkness (half full NOT half empty).
  • It is easy to lose motivation to do anything without reward, gratification, or seemingly much progress. Remember ALL progress is still progress. No matter how big or small you are still progressing.

These are all lessons that really hit hard while I was taking time in June to be present and reflect on my life up until this point. I love taking time out every few months (AT LEAST once a year!) to think about my decisions that got me to where I am and how to get to where I want to be if I am not already. It allows me to redirect myself before going further and further down the wrong path.

I am taking every avenue possible to get my messages out to as many people as I can. The world could always use more love, kindness, and positivity. Like, comment, and share! Also, if there are any topics you guys want to take about list it in the comments. Thank you for subscribing and coming on this journey with me.

Letter to my younger self

Dear Stacy,

It’s me Stacy (aka YOU!) but from the future. I am writing this letter to thank you for being who you needed to be to survive. You survived so that I could LIVE. Allow me to tell you a little about the future! So as afraid as you were of having kids, you had a son and a daughter. They are both happy, healthy, and thriving. Believe it or not your kids are your little best friends. You make a great mom! You learned what unconditional love truly means first through your son. You then went through maturing after having your daughter and gained your hidden wisdom. You did what you had to do so that I now can do what I love doing (writing, being a mom, etc.). Thank you! If no one else says it or means it I will, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Yes, I am writing in the third person intentionally. Seeing all of the growth and progress has me feeling like a proud mom cheering you on from the future.


Future You