21 Lessons from 2021

2021 has had no shortages of life lessons, blessings, and failures. I have faith that these lessons represent the water needed to grow the seeds that I planted in 2020 (visions for myself). 2022 is all about taking the knowledge obtained and putting in the work!

  1. If a tough situation arises and you have to make a decision often times the tougher choice is what breaks a cycle
  2. Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to become comfortable
  3. You should always be there for yourself, even if you don’t feel like it
  4. You can’t give anything you don’t have (love, hate, money, etc.)
  5. Value life for its lessons and appreciate the blessings
  6. View each situation from different perspectives
  7. Be who you needed
  8. Be the person you are looking for in a spouse (you’ll always be complete within yourself)
  9. Never lose your personal identity in a relationship
  10. Act on good intentions only
  11. Stand your ground
  12. Gain control of your emotions, never allow anyone to take you out of character
  13. It is okay to RESPECTFULLY disagree
  14. Work on understanding someone else’s intentions
  15. Words are VERY powerful
  16. Affirmations work wonders over time
  17. Everything is a process, nothing happens overnight
  18. Strength is something you have to grow to gain
  19. When looking for the truth be prepared for ANYTHING
  20. Steer clear of people that gossip
  21. common sense isn’t so common